Alaskan MoonPie

Yes, I went to Alaska, (State Motto: Fixing Your Hair is Futile) and I can tell you one thing – I no longer think being Governor of Alaska qualifies you for President. I think LIVING in Alaska qualifies you for President. I feel like I should have a parade or something just for making it back alive!

I had a lot of fun and took loads of photos, but I’m going to break these up in as many posts as I can. I’ve got to catch up on some sleep! Besides, the greatest joy of the trip for me was watching MoonPie. Here’s a few shots from our day at the Mendenhall Glacier.

Moon finds ice floating down the river.

Moon finds a bigger piece of ice floating down the river. It’s a glacier, what do you expect? Yes, Alaska has driven my niece crazy and she thinks what she’s wearing is appropriate winter attire.

Alaska Ashleigh takes Moon dangerously close to the waterfall.

Alaska Ashleigh convinces Moon that touching the waterfall is a good idea.

MoonPie loving on her mother. Or warming her cold hands inside her mother’s coat. Whichever.

We walked from the parking lot to the glacier and waterfall in the pouring rain. It wasn’t that far, but afterward, we were all strutting like we’d really done something BIG. We walked. In ALASKA. Everyone, that is, except my mom who waited it all out in the parking lot.

Some people just don’t have that pioneering spirit. She’ll never be President with that attitude.

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