Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away

I had such high hopes. I remembered today that last week as I lay down to go to bed I thought, “Next week, I’m going to get SERIOUS about my life. I’m going to organize my house, figure out my next book, get things STRAIGHT.” Spoiler alert – I didn’t. As hard as I try, still somehow I find myself laying on the couch with Season One of Alias on TV.  Maybe I need a life coach.

Anyway, my penchant for doing random nothingness led me to this Willie Nelson video of him and his sons. His CUTE sons. Then I started thinking about how long Willie’s been around and how quickly time flies which led me to this video:

And you know who’s beside Willie? Kris Kristofferson, my old crush! The first time I saw Kris, he was singing Why Me, Lord? on Hee Haw and I was smitten. What’s not to love? Check him out, singing sexy close with Rita Coolidge, who he married when he failed to meet me.

At some point I heard he had EIGHT kids, so I decided to forgo my crush and find another musician a little closer to my age and temperament.

I miss Jimmy. We just never could make it work. Mostly because he has no idea who I am, but other than that, we were destined for true love.

Which is not at all what I meant to blog about tonight, but such is the way of my wandering mind.

NEXT week, I’m going to get serious about my life. It doesn’t appear that I can get any more un-serious.

3 thoughts on “Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away

  1. I didn’t see Willie’s cute sons, were they in the video? I remember all your crushes.

  2. I watch the video but I didn’t see any sons of Willie. Those people weren’t his sons they were other singers.

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