Ahoy There!

Last year, after a lovely time at the lake with my sister, I decided that my life would not be complete without a boat. I called my friend, John, and asked if he would sell me his and he said yes. He named a very nice price and I agreed to buy it sometime before Summer, 2010. A few months later, he called and lowered the price. I happily agreed to the new LOWER price. I’m a tough negotiator. THEN, a few months later,  he called again to say that he was not only lowering the price, but we could make payments if we wanted. It was almost as if he was trying to get rid of the thing! What a sucker. So a few weeks ago I bought the boat! Whoo Hoo. My brother graciously offered to go and get the boat since we don’t own a truck. Or a trailer hitch. My brother is AWESOME like that. Did I mention he also has ski’s, life jackets, and disposable income? The point is – my boat is HOME!

Look at that beauty! Can’t you just feel the wind in your hair, and the spray as you crest the waves?? I bet you could ski 3 or 4 people at once! Doesn’t it just say – my owner is cool?

I wonder what MY boat says.  Sure it needs a little work, what boat doesn’t? Well, besides the one I just showed you?

John: I’m 99% sure that motor will crank right away.

MoonPie: I wish you were a 100% sure.

The interior could use some detailing.

Wow, I bet that tape gets sticky in the sun. Hmmm. Maybe some new upholstery is in order. too. It’s hard to tell under the grime.

Because my brother and I have been in ONE, real fight that I remember and it involved cleaning a boat, a broom and some bad words, I was too traumatized to even think of cleaning this boat. It’s been 20 years and my brother had long since gone home but I wasn’t taking any changes. Luckily I have a crew.

Excellent work on the stern side there. Now get to the friendly side and shine something! You have to use proper nautical terms or else your crew will get out of hand.

Work that jib, handle that jab! No one rides for free around here! Which brings me to another point – if you’d like to come HELP clean the boat, you can come with us on our maiden voyage – and enjoy a full day of water skiing up and down the lake.

Or rowing. Whichever.

6 thoughts on “Ahoy There!

  1. I see you have the seat cushions already loaded up on my ATV trailer. When do you want me to haul them to the dump?

  2. And JD is on the starboard side of the bow, he’s nowhere near the stern. Sheesh…. noobs.

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