ABC’s of painting a chair

We put a new desk in the MoonPie’s room but since A) she needed a chair, and B) I was tired of spending money, I grabbed something from the basement.

Because it’s wood, I figured that I would A) use the half can of Kilz I found on the garage shelf,

then B) paint it with the rose colored can I ALSO found on the shelf,

which is when I realized C) the half can of Kilz was not enough and D) it doesn’t matter anyway because the color appears nowhere else in MoonPie’s room.

So. I went to WalMart and bought new brushes and dug out the can of light pink paint I had on the garage shelf. BTW, I rarely clean off my garage shelf.

I was all geared up to paint it when I realized that A) the MoonPie should do SOMETHING and B) I was tired of painting.

That’s better. Friends, coming together to create something beautiful useful, and making memories at the same time.

Who cares if A) the chair looks like Pepto-Bismol was spilled all over it or..

B) it’s not perfect. The point is THEY did it and that’s all that is important. They did it. And I got 2 hours of air conditioning. And there’s a yard sale every weekend. C) I’m sure I can find another chair soon.

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