A Vintage Weekend

Kittens, I am beat. I guess that’s what happens when you gather with a bunch of women and run nonstop from dawn to dusk. The group descended on Thursday and we stayed up late planning the show. And by “planning the show”, I mean catching up on the lives of all the people we know.

On Friday morning we went to yard sales because we couldn’t just sit around and enjoy a quiet moment. That would be INSANE. Nothing brings a group of women together like riding around and looking through strangers stuff.

On the car ride I learned two valuable bits of information:

1. Heated seats make you constipated. Hattip, Bertha

2. People who wear thumb rings are trouble. Thank you, Donna

Friday afternoon we began setting up for the show, and I don’t like to besmirch the elderly, but OH M GEE. Grumpy old woman with OCD issues hovering over us the entire time we set up + beautiful, skinny models trying on clothes that won’t fit over my knees= me lifting the alcohol ban for the first time in months.

Beautiful Alli.

Beautiful Kathryn.

They looked so good in the clothes I couldn’t even hate them. For instance:

Not only were the models and the clothes beautiful, but the AUDIENCE looked great too.

The fact that I now have this same haircut is a total coincidence. I just happened to need a new one. A week after I just got a one.

After the show we were EXHAUSTED, but that didn’t stop us from partying down. At Alli’s 1st birthday party.

I think she was excited. Or freaked out, whichever.

She looks just like her dad. Especially in that “I freak out for cupcakes” way.

The weekend was tons of work but tons of fun, and I enjoyed hanging with the family immensely. It was great to spend time working with my mother and I learned a lot from her.

Like if you wear a fuzzy black sweater all day, when you take it off, it might leave residue in some very interesting places. And how to entertain a house full of people. My mom is a treasure chest of information.

6 thoughts on “A Vintage Weekend

  1. Thanks for all the fun this week-end. The family and friend time was wonderful. The model were beautiful I enjoyed all the pictures except the last one.

  2. You missed the bridge tournament in Roswell for a fashion show? You chose pretty girls in pretty clothes instead of bridge?

    Wait a minute, pretty girls in pretty clothes sounds pretty good! Why didn’t I know about this fashion show?

  3. WOW…I was in the middle of a bit of my sandwich when I saw “M”…and I almost lost it, I totally thought it hair…and I’m just going to assume its all fuzz and I’m not looking closer to find out…I didn’t know this was turning into a scandalous photo type of blog…haha

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