A Tale of Two Field-trips

The MoonPie went on her first, public school field-trip today. At least that’s what she SAID she did with the $8.00 I gave her. Supposedly, she and 100 other 3rd graders took a couple of buses to a GOLD museum. Which doesn’t explain why she came home all excited about petting a horse, a goat and a pig. What kind of daughter have I raised when GOLD is not enough to get excited? Hasn’t she heard all of the Goldline commercials? A good day of panning could set us for life. Or at least pay our mortgage for a month.

Ironically enough, while she was out mining for gold, so was I. At the bridge table. Louise, the lady I played with several weeks ago, called me this week and asked if I wanted to play. The local club was having a special game with “gold” points available. When you play bridge at a local club, the points are usually “black”. You get “silver” points for winning at sectional tournaments, “red” for regional, and “gold” for overall placings and section tops at regional events. Are you still awake? Let’s put it this way, gold points are hard to come by. And it matters because it takes 300 points to be a Life Master and of those 300, 50 have to be silver, 25 gold, and 25 red. SEE? It’s vitally important!!

Luckily, we won 1st in our bracket. The fact that our bracket was poor is beside the fact. I won 1 black point and .06 GOLD. Combined with my previous gold points from playing bridge for 8 years, I now have .07 gold! Almost a tenth of a point of gold and I didn’t have to touch a pig.

I think we all know who had the best field-trip. Sweet!

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  1. So are you serious about making Life Master someday, or is it more something you just like to blog about?

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