A List of Bridge Firsts

The Ruff-n-Sluff held a bridge tournament this weekend and I got to play four times. Yeah, baby, YEAH! My dear friend and frequent partner, Patty and I played the FIRST session on Friday.

While we didn’t win any points, we had lots of fun and met some nice people. Not the people at the first seven tables we played, they were annoying and told us what we should have done, how to do it better, why that’s not allowed, blah, blah, BLAH, but everyone after that was okay.

This is the only picture I have of Patty, which is weird, cause it looks like she’s worried and searching the room for another partner. That can’t be true, but it’s the only photo I’ve got. The fact that she decided NOT to play with me at any more sessions is probably just a coincidence.

This is bridge extraordinaire and frequent Zolligirl commentator, Dan O. This is the FIRST time I’ve seen Dan since last year’s tournament where he and his wife kicked my booty. Dan can’t play at this tournament because he now has too many points. I was so sad to hear that. NOT. Anyway, Dan now is now the Grand Director of Regional Tournaments that require Traveling with the ACBL. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s all fake, but his wife seems to buy it, so who am I to contradict? He was there “helping” direct.

This is my friend Vicki who played in her very FIRST tournament. I like to see her expressing the proper excitement of such an occasion. It’s a scary thing to play with someone you’ve never met, but Vicki was a trooper. True Story: While Patty and I were playing the first session, we decided to help Vicki find a partner for later. Patty went up to two men and asked if they were playing later in the evening. They said they probably would and Patty whispered to the younger of the two, “Well, our friend is a lot better looking than your current partner, so if you were looking to change….” He opted NOT to dump his partner, who just so happened to be about 105 and in a wheelchair, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Later that evening when Vicki appeared, he came up and said, “You were right, she is MUCH better looking than my partner.” Then he gave her his phone number. Vicki got her FIRST bridge come-on. Excellent!

I played that evening with Louise. We’ve played together twice before, and done well each time. For some reason, we were on fire and came in FIRST overall for 2.5 points! Kittens, it doesn’t get any better than that. Amiright?

The next day I played with Anne Marie. It was our FIRST time playing together but we still managed to do well. We tied for 2nd in our flight for .41 points. Yea, me. I mean, US.

Why do all my partners look like they’re searching for other people to play with??

Since I was playing a fourth session and it was too far to drive home, I went to dinner with Louise and Dan where we talked bridge the entire time. Then Louise and I played, and for the FIRST time, lost.

Sorry, Louise.

But the night was not all bad. Dan O was there “helping” remember? He managed to find a side game and came in FIRST with a 67% game with someone he had just met for the FIRST time. Congrats, Dan O!

Then I came home and for the FIRST time in a very long time, I’m bridged out!

At least until tonight when I have my regular game. Yeah, baby, YEAH!

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  1. Or you could just wait until all 28 of them “can’t play at this tournament because now too many points”…

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