A Letter of Thanks

Dear Build-A-Bear,

I want to thank you for the nice newsletter you sent to me yesterday regarding your one day sale of Build-A-Bear products. I’m not sure what I would have done with my day had I not had your “Try to Buy a Bear before the Website Crashes” game. I especially liked how you allowed me to get one step closer each time before sending up the huge ERROR message and making me start over. Want to add me to the basket? Oh, so sorry, try again. Now that you’re in the basket, want to add sound? Too bad, start over. ¬†Almost there, now just enter in the payment info…ERROR. Ah, good times.

I realize that some consumers might be unhappy with the Build-A-Bear game, but don’t let them get you down. It’s not YOUR fault. How were you to know that so many people would be looking for savings? It’s not like unemployment is at a record high, or that there’s a big holiday around the corner. And what with all of those OTHER stuffed animal stores like, Build-A-Rat and Build-A-Opossum, holding their own sales, who could have predicted such a response? Certainly not YOU, you’re Build-A-Bear, not fortune tellers. Besides, who has time for a 30 second conversation to your webmaster asking them to increase your bandwidth when you’ve got empty bears to stuff and little children to disappoint?

Thank you again for the email. I was going to unsubscribe to help you with your next marketing endeavor, but have opted to just slam my hand in a car door next time I think of buying from Build-A-Bear. I wouldn’t want to forget our holiday time together.



One thought on “A Letter of Thanks

  1. Count your blessings – don’t let the small things get you down. I do know where you get the irateness over small things since I have been living with him 50 years.

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