A lesson on why I coupon –

There haven’t been a lot of posts lately on couponing because I’ve gotten lax with my shopping. I was on a diet and busy and lazy and the next thing you know, our surplus has dwindled down to nothing but butter and mustard. I’m trying to get my mojo back, so I gathered my coupons for the week and hit Publix.


This first photo is what I bought because it was A) on sale, and B) I could match it with a coupon. It’s also stuff we like, so that helps. The grand total for 5 boxes of pretzels, 2 loaves of garlic bread, 6 boxes of pasta and 1 multi-pak of gum was $5.25 cents. Not bad.


But then I had to pick up a few things without coupons. The pasta sauce was B1G1, and while they said there was a coupon, I couldn’t find it. The same thing with the soap. The chocolate morsels and whipping cream are for a Moron Test Kitchen post tomorrow. Grand Total for 2 jars of sauce, morsels, cream, and 2 packs of soap? $9.30

So, what have we learned? Carbs are cheap. No wonder I’m fat.

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