A Lake First

Because we’re insane, Team Tyre will be heading to the lake tomorrow with FIVE kids. Yeah, I wasn’t joking about that whole “insane” thing. We’ve somehow managed to convince another adult to go with us in hopes that her presence will convince the kids to behave. Also, JD. He doesn’t mind fighting with me in public as our tiff at the CHURCH showed, but at least with my friend Jean there, I’ll have a witness that it’s not my fault that the truck’s parked crooked, that we’re out of sunscreen, or that the boat was improperly tied up and we keep bouncing into rocks. Just because I’m in charge of parking the truck, packing the sunscreen and tying up the boat doesn’t mean I should be expected to do those things well. Who am I, Pioneer Woman?

You might think I’m anticipating trouble. You’d be right. If there’s anything going to the lake for over 40 years has taught me, it’s that mom’s get the short end of the stick. Dad’s get to drive the boat and pull everyone on the tube, while mom’s ensure you’re wearing your life jacket at ALL TIMES I DON’T CARE HOW SHALLOW YOU THINK IT IS.

We yell because we care.

Because this is not my first rodeo, I thought instead of just showing up at the lake en masse, perhaps we should take the boat out for a test run. After packing all essential gear, also known as OARS, we headed to the boat ramp. That’s when something wacky happened. The. boat. started. It started, it ran, it even went in and out of reverse! I have no explanation other than God loves me and wants me to enjoy the lake. The only issue at all was when we tried to put the boat on the trailer and the wind kept blowing us around, making it difficult for JD to drive straight. Afterwards, an older man came up and talked to us for a bit and I mentioned that I’d hoped to learn to load the boat myself, but it looked too difficult. (This is also how I feel about cooking, doing laundry, and mowing the lawn, but he didn’t have to know all that.) He said that the longer the boat, the easier it is! A longer boat, like this?

It’s awesome when God uses people to tell you to buy a bigger boat, amiright Kittens? Just THINK how many kids we could take to the lake then.

4 thoughts on “A Lake First

  1. so…M….I’m ‘Like father’, eh? Then it shouldn’t be any surprise when I lose it over the boat going up in flames while the whole passel of kids stands around asking me (individually….) why? where? how come? when do I get to ski? that’s MY seat! but I want THAT sammich!, I gotta go pee….and I can’t go in the water….we have to go back to the dock NOW!, then we’ll start the whole chorus all over again….ahh relaxation…..it just doesn’t get any better than this….

  2. JD that is exactly the way I remember the lake, lots of fun for the kids and James and Roger while Ann and I did all the work.

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