A disturbing trend

OR, why I hate the mall.

A few days ago, the Moonpie and I went to the Mall for our Build-A-Bear adventure. As you may recall, a few days ago was EARLY November. Yet what did I see?


That’s right, Christmas trees every where I turned. Side bar: This photo was taken about 8 seconds before two security guards stopped and explained that there was NO photography allowed in the mall. At which point I explained that I produce Zolligirl, a blog of high importance and sophistication, and they arrested me on the spot. Just kidding. We just ran. They were kinda old.

Back to the story. SO, don’t you hate it the way Christmas has been moved up until right after Halloween? It’s so annoying. You can’t even enjoy Thanksgiving anymore. I hate that the fall season is so rushed, and it gets me out of sync, like I should be out buying gifts and trimming the tree, when I haven’t even had my TURKEY! Ugg. But hey, if I have to suffer with a shortened season, YOU have to suffer with a shortened season.


Merry Christmas! And you’re all invited to our New Year’s party. It’s Thursday night.

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