A Day in the Life

Mondays are typically very busy for me. I get up early, work until 10 a.m., then go to a Moms in Touch meeting. Then back home for more work until it’s time to pick up MoonPie from school. If I’ve gotten enough work done, I go to her riding lessons, then off to bridge. Today, both Moms in Touch AND bridge got canceled, so I worked and worked and worked to finish everything on my “to do” list.

Oh wait, no I didn’t. I just followed MP around all day with the camera.

I call this, Moon and Friend.

It was a tough day riding and MP kept having to do the same jump over and over and over. Afterward, her trainer complimented her attitude – no complaining, no whining, no crying. So we rewarded her with ice-cream.

Moon and Maggie Moo’s.

Then home to enjoy the day outside.

MoonPie in my Grill.

MoonPie’s Dismount. The crowd goes wild.

Earth and Moon. Photographing kids tip of the day – lay them in the grass. That was also the tip yesterday.

Red Moon Rising. Yeah, we dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood and walked over to the water department because their trees looked more like the forest on the way to Grandmother’s house. What about it?

I think it was a better use of my time than working. But then again, what isn’t?

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