A Coupon Story in 2 Parts

Part 1.

Do you like to eat? Do you like steak? Do you live near a Target? Then go to TARGET, click on the 2$ off Sutton and Dodge  link  (the plate with a STEAK on it!) and it will bring up all of the online coupons. Unclick what you don’t want, and print the others from your computer. You can print AS MANY as you want.

Here’s what my coupon looked like –


I printed SIX. Then I went to my local Target and snagged all the cheap steak I could get. Sure, I could have found a great cut for $9 – $12 bucks, but I came to SAVE.  All I needed was something decent that JD could put in chili, or a taco, maybe on a salad. And I was really hoping to pay more like 23 CENTS.



How cool is THAT?I got 6 steaks for about 2 bucks.

Now. Part 2.

While you’re on the Target website, you could also print the Motts applesauce coupon for $1.00 off.  I printed two. Then you could go to Motts and print out the manufacturer’s coupon for .55 cents. You can print two. Then take your 4 coupons to your local Target, buy TWO packs of the Motts applesauce and they will be .11 cents each. Well, they WOULD be. Unless you run into “Christina Christina, Supervisor Hyena” who tells you that you CAN’T use both a Target coupon and a Manufacturer’s coupon at once. And when you protest that you do it all of the time, she’ll say you SHOULDN’T, in which case you’ll leave in a huff, go out to the parking lot and call the Target corporate office where they’ll tell you they most certainly DO take both coupons, put you on hold, call the store manager and tell him to enlighten his staff  ESPECIALLY “Christina, Christina, Supervisor Hyena”! Then you’ll be afraid to walk back into the store in case looks really CAN kill, and as everyone in your house has already pointed out – no one even LIKES applesauce.

I have a lot of time on my hands.

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