A Couple of Dolls

Rimfire is having a birthday today and in lieu of a party, she invited the MoonPie on an American Girl adventure.

First, we ordered dinner. The folks at American Girl thought of everything – pink tables, chairs for the dolls, petite menus.

Okay, maybe they were a little TOO petite.

You want an appetizer? Seriously?

No you may NOT have a vodka tonic! Man, where did you even hear about those? Oh. Well the answer is still NO.

Great, I see a bathroom visit in our future.

Awww. That makes it totally worth the $80.00 dollars it cost. Well, to me anyway, since Miss Fire actually paid the bill.

Each girl got to pick out an outfit for her doll…

and then the dolls got their ears pierced and their hair done.

Behold the ponytail flip.


After. MUCH better.

I have to say it was one of the MoonPie’s best days EVER. I told her we will definitely go back.

As soon as one of the grandmothers come to visit.

Happy Birthday, RIMFIRE!

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Dolls

  1. I think the girls should have got the outfit and their hair done. Forget about the dolls.

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