A Banner Day

One of the reasons I stopped blogging was because I was worried that my life wasn’t exciting enough. What was I thinking! Take today for instance. In a rare burst of energy, I got up and SHOWERED. I mean, like before 9 and everything. Sure it was only because my employer called and asked me to  come into the office for once, but still I DID it. Obviously my body wasn’t used to being up and moving at the ungodly hour of 8 because I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back. I sat in pain for almost 3 hours at work before my dear friend remembered that he has chronic back pain and that that entitles him to some seriously cool drugs. Which he shared. It’s only been about 6 hours and I’m still feeling groovy. I should really remember to ask him what I took. I hope it’s not Meth. I hear that’s hard to get on a regular basis.

Anyway, not only did I score some sort of amazing drug, I also scored coupons. Dumpster diving in a retirement community is the best! I stopped at Kroger on the way home and got 11 protein bars for FREE. I don’t know if they’re edible, but that’s really beside the point, amiright?

But the best thing of ALL happened when I got home. My husband presented me with the keys to my CAR! See, last September JD was out hotdogging in my car and blew the transmission. We could have paid someone to fix it, but we went a different route. Some friends in real estate had just purchased a home in foreclosure and along with the house came a car. A car that just happened to be the same year, make and model of mine. So we bought it and had it towed to my house. Did I mention they couldn’t find the key and no one knew if it even ran? Aww, what are the chances it wouldn’t?  First, JD took the transmission out of the new/old car. Then he took the transmission out of my car. Then he, along with a couple of men over the course of a few weeks, put the new/old transmission IN my car. Then he fixed the vacuum hose that had broken off. Then he fixed the brakes that had rusted from sitting unused for five months. Then he got the emissions done and tags for it. Finally, he listed the old car on Craig’s List so he could sell it piece by piece to people who need spare parts. And it only took five months!

That must have been a really powerful drug, cause to me, it still makes perfect sense.

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  1. Let me remind you that we have made a ZERO cost transmission replacement…..I may not be fast but I’m CHEAP!

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