Working from home has it’s high points and when I actually get to stay at home – it’s awesome. This morning started off with impromptu dancing in the kitchen because Baby A had never heard Ice-Ice Baby. I mean, REALLY. Some people aren’t meant to be parents, amiright?

After A went to school, I met Kat at the gym because that’s how I roll. Literally, I ROLL. Kat and I are going to be the change we’re looking for and rock 2015 so we’re walking/running on the treadmill and really testing the gym’s “no judgement” policy. We’ve done two whole days this week and I am this close to breaking my personal record of attendance. The people at the front counter almost recognize me!

Because I have lots of work to do, Moon was nice enough to clean the house. I learned a valuable lesson a few months ago. Instead of saying, “I’ll give you $ to clean the house” I now say “Clean the house and I’ll pay you based on how it looks.” MUCH better results. And that is all I know about parenting.

It would have been a red-letter day except that my mother called with the news that Granny fell and broke a hip. The Worst. She ended up having surgery and seems to be doing fine, but she’s 101 years old, so fine is relative. Say a prayer for her, THEN while you’re at it – say one for RimFire who is having back surgery on Wednesday.

The good news is that if I can score a couple of walkers from work, I’m going to be a big hit this Christmas!


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  1. I hope Baby A don’t go home expecting to not get in trouble from everything she learned from her Auntie.

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