Let me just say that the highlight of my day today was my trip to WalMart and that visit included me bumping my cart into a woman, a checkout line that suddenly quit working, and a new checkout line that had to stop while the receipt tape was changed. But I DID see my brother there, so that was fun.

I ran there to grab a few quick things for dinner. Moon woke up this morning with a fever, so I worked from home, and between her and Gitzo, I got almost nothing done. My house was a wreck and I didn’t really want to have clean the kitchen, THEN cook, then clean the kitchen again. Who DOES that?

At least my weekend was good. CPS managed to raise 94 THOUSAND dollars at the Walk on Saturday. Even though the goal was $100,000.00 I’d call it a success. Goals are notorious for being set too high, amiright Kittens? I am not going to quibble over such a small percentage. I often only achieve 70, maybe 80% of my goals and look at me – a part-time blogger!

Friday night before the Walk, I told Moon she could have a friend over. Saturday, by the time I’d finished getting everything back to the Center and helped count the money, I was too tired to take her friend home. Weekender, anyone? Because two 12 year old girls who are hyped up on soda and no sleep are just the BEST. By the time it was over, I was gently reminding them that school would be out soon and they wouldn’t see each other for a very LONG time, and they were seriously okay with that.

This is the part where I tell you how much weight I’ve gained since I stopped juicing, then go on to mention my NEW diet, but I’m too tired. So just know it’s going to be EPIC. And by “epic”, I mean I’ll be lucky to get to 70% of my goal.



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  1. When the girls get too much for you on a sleep over just stop and remember when you had sleep overs. School will soon be out and they will be soo bored.

  2. 1) Where’s the title? I feel robbed.
    2) Pretty sure I already got a glimpse of your new “All You Can Eat Toblerone” diet at Wal-Mart yesterday.
    3) A list should always contain at least 3 things.

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