Is it me, or do the weekends go by much faster than the rest of the week?  I woke up Saturday, threw my hair up in a clip, put on an old sweatshirt of JD’s, and went to a yard sale. I had to hurry because JD was leaving to help my brother move. I would have loved to help but I was really busy with important things like a baby shower. Also, Target. I watched Baby Allison, started a new book, cleaned off the screened-in porch – all very glamorous stuff.

Oh, I did try a new recipe. A really, EASY recipe.

Take 1 avocado, 1 can of chickpeas, the juice of 1 lime, and 1/4 cup cilantro. Mix it all together in your food processor and voila – something a lot like egg salad.

This is a bad picture of a good meal on a very distracting plate. Trust me, it was yummy.  I added some salt and pepper, and put brown mustard on the bread, but you can play around with your own recipe.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I was happy to get out and frolic in the sun with my good friend, Sharon. She and I have been tennis partners for about 18 years, and while we sat out last year without playing, I knew we’d be fine. It’s like riding a bike! We joined a new team because our old friend, MARSHA said that her team needed us, and we are so good, we’ll really help the team, blah, blah, blah. She made us feel welcome and as we took the court at practice, she made a big deal out of telling everyone how good we are. We were practicing against the team’s number 1 duo, and she said “I’d pay to watch this match. Be nice to each other.”

No pressure. The good news is that Sharon and I were very nice. The bad news is that the other team didn’t listen to her at all and beat us 6-0, 6-0. A fine how-do-you-do, amiright? I played my best, but no matter what I did, the ball still came back at twice the speed. I think it’s my racket.

I can home a little humbled, but JD sat me on the couch, let me put my feet up, and made me dinner – tofu stir fry over glass noodles.

His looks a little better than mine. I think it’s the plate.

We’ve been eating a lot healthier lately and it’s been fun trying out new recipes and foods. I stopped by Trader Joe’s and I picked up these:

Inner Peas. After that tennis match, I should have bought the lot.

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