7 Things I’m Thinking About

1. Last Saturday I had planned to paint, but we finished on Friday. So instead of just being happy with my free time, I made the entire family go shopping. How’d that work out? Let’s put it this way, we started by looking for rugs and ended at the liquor store.

2. I don’t know why, but at some point today I googled my name and then hit “Images”. The first photo that came up that was actually ME, was this:

I will forever be associated with bridge. And cool fashion.

3. Last night, my daughter gave me some advice after out prayer time. “Mom, you should stop and listen every now and then when your praying in case the Lord has something to say.” SWEET. Then she added. “He can’t get through with  you blabbering on and on.”

4. I was helping Moon with school work and googled “forget-me-not” to see a picture of the flowers and found, and I’m not making this up, PANTIES with GPS and a heart and temperature monitor so you can know what your woman is doing when you’re not around!

5. Turns out the website is a hoax, put on by women to prove a point. I believe the point is that we use google too much, but I could be wrong.

6. THIS guy does not have time to google.

7. Moon has a Girl Scouts meeting today and I’m pretty sure they spend their time there trying to think of ways to kill me. Last weekend as we prepared to paint, we moved a big piece of furniture out from the wall. Which is when I remembered LAST YEAR’S Girl Scout meeting where they gave the kids pieces of food and told them to hide them someplace dark to watch the germs grow.

That ought to be good for an awesome patch, amiright?

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