5 Reasons Why I Get Nothing Done

1. Jack Reacher.

I just recently discovered Lee Child and now I must read all of his Jack Reacher books. All 16. I would like to have them finished this week.

2. Words with Frenemies

It was bad enough as an app on my phone, but now that it’s attached to Facebook, I can’t get away from it! If I start using words like “aa”, “qi” or “zoon” in a sentence you’ll know why.

3. Masterpiece Theatre

Little Dorrit is on! Need I say more???

4. The US Open

The bad news? Rain has made it impossible to play the last two days. The good news? I’ll be watching non-stop tennis the rest of the week! Who cares if the players have to play two or three matches a day. That’s why they get the big bucks, right?

5. Blogging

Obviously, you don’t come up with a post like this without serious research and reflection. It took me at least four minutes. That’s four minutes I could have spent sweeping. Or finding a triple letter space for my z. Whichever.

One thought on “5 Reasons Why I Get Nothing Done

  1. Busy, busy, I don’t do anything if it is hot, cold, raining. I am looking for the perfect time.

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