5 Random Things You May or May Not Care To Know

1. DragonCon is this weekend and Moon and JD spent a great part of the day shopping for her outfit. I read on their website that one of the FAQ is whether or not you can get married there. You can’t but nothing says you can’t MEET your future intended, amiright Kittens?



2. My mother brought two watermelons to my house this weekend, one for me and one for AmmoGuy. AmmoGuy’s EXPLODED during the night and spewed watermelon juice all over their kitchen, down the air vent and into the basement proving that you should not leave your melon out on the counter and that Mom loves me best.

3. I started the morning today by responding to a political Facebook post. Then I had a visit from a nurse who weighed me, took my blood and made me pee in a cup. I’m not sure which was the worst.

4. Yesterday, BabyA came to visit. Out of the blue she said, “I can’t wait to grow up so I can drive.” What kind of car do you want? “An ice-cream truck!” Well, duh.

5. I’m writing and revising and reading a bunch of manuscripts and it’s pretty much going like this:




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