5 Random Things

1. I bought new underwear for our trip to San Diego. They were on a table marked 5 for 19.00 bucks so I grabbed some and threw them in my suitcase. When we got to our hotel, I noticed one pair said “Single-ish” on the backside. My husband was not amused.

2. Every blog post should have a graphic. My computer is being super slow so I can’t upload one. #FAIL

3. I found this today and it made me very happy!

4. A gentleman came to my house today and removed a groundhog. Only 14 more to go!

5. Grumpy does not even begin to describe my bad mood these past few mornings. Someone today asked me if I could table a discussion and I thought, “I can TABLE YOU!”

What’s going on with you?



2 thoughts on “5 Random Things

  1. Loved the video. The director of the video needs to practice holding script lower. You need to get some sunshine it will make you feel better.

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