2nd Greatest Place to Live

If you can’t grow up in Zollicoffer, Mayberry has to be a close second. We introduced MoonPie to Andy, Barney, Opie and the gang over the weekend and she LOVES it. It’s making me yearn for the days when kids could play outside all day without worry, and drunks could let themselves in and out of jail on their own. Those were the days! Mainly, it’s made me yearn for my own personal “Aunt Bea”. How nice would that be?

When I was living in Nashville in the 90’s, I used to go to a Bluegrass club and see the Darlin’s.  Yes, I’ve always been this cool, why do you ask?

I can hardly wait to introduce Moon to Earnest T. Bass. Or as JD calls him, “the Zollicoffer kinfolk.”

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