Entertaining The Masses

I’m amazed at how many people were SURPRISED that my guests had a good time this weekend. Hello? They were at MY house.

KarenK and Gingerbread showed up at midnight on Saturday with 16 year old CodeY in tow. Most of my guests tend to get here before daybreak, but whatever floats your boat. Gingerbread said it rained on them the whole way so she was forced, by law, to drive like a centenarian. Two out of three of us stayed up to greet them, show them where the bedroom was, and leave them standing in the hallway with their bags because, OMG it’s late.

Sunday morning, I got up and went to church because I’m holy and was scheduled to work in the nursery, but mostly that second one. By the time I got home, JD had Moon’s DragonCon costume almost finished, and CodeY was awake, which for a 16 year old was a big deal. The cousins were walking around in the PJ’s because they didn’t have to be at their event until 4 p.m. They were probably also hungover. I base this entirely on the fact that they were out until midnight and we know anyone who stays out that late can be up to no good.

Me and the DragonCon group drove to the perimeter and got on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION because we’re fearless and also, cheap. The kids had never ridden THE SUBWAY so they thought it was cool and no one mugged us, so that was an extra bonus. Once we got to DragonCon, Moon was thrilled with all of the Star Wars people, and CodeY was happy to see so many gamers and people dressed up like their favorite anime character. Anime is Japanese for “cartoon”, which I totally knew.

CodeY making friends with REAL girls, not cartoons.

CodeY making friends with REAL girls, not cartoons.

Meanwhile, the cousins were living life like a Kardashian in their fancy SUITE at the NASCAR race.


KarenK high above the unwashed masses.

They had cushioned seats, A/C, a great view and clean bathrooms! So except for that part about the bathroom, they could have saved their money and watched the race from my couch.

We got home from DragonCon at 11 pm, while the crazy cousins didn’t make an appearance until TWO O’CLOCK in the morning. Apparently they were held up by some “traffic”.  And by “traffic” I’m sure they meant “EXCESSIVE DRINKING”. Despite their penchant for trouble, I’m kind of hoping they come back next year.

Someone has to bring CodeY.



I was going to skip posting tonight but after hearing, “Where are the PICTURES?” about twenty times, I thought I better share our adventures at DragonCon.

First, let me just tell you that it was HUGE. There were THOUSANDS of people there, so many, that it was almost impossible to get around. Every hotel lobby was packed, and you had to get to the panel you wanted to see a full hour before it started if you wanted to get a seat.

There were also a whole bunch of half-naked women dressed as Anime characters. My cousin Gingerbread sent her sweet 16 year old boy with us and it presented me with a dilemma. I only have two hands but I wanted to cover his eyes, Moon’s, AND JD’s.

Luckily, Moon was all about Star Wars and they tended to have on clothes. Also a lot of weapons.








I really don’t know who had the most fun – Moon, Cody, or JD. I know who had the LEAST amount of fun, but that’s a different story.