Birthday Facts

I was going through some old posts on Zolligirl and found where I’d posted 9 things about Moon for her 9th birthday. I decided to look them over and see if anything had changed in 3 years. From 2011:

Nine Truths about the birthday girl –

1. She has discovered Rugrats. It’s old school Rugrats, 24/7 around here. Angelica is still mean.

2014: She doesn’t watch Rugrats anymore, preferring Jessie, A.N.T. Farm and other tween shows, and she did just recently discover Gilligan’s Island and that’s been fun.

2. She sings Taylor Swift in the shower.

2014: Absolutely!

3. She has learned ALL about cars from her dad. The other day she point out a “rare merc”. That’s a rare Mercedes for those of you with a life.

2014: Yes, and they’ve increased her knowledge. She’s even called into help every now and then since we always seem to have at least one vehicle he’s “tuning”.

4. She learned about depression in health class. She said she doesn’t have it.

2014: I WISH she was learning about depression. The topics they discuss in 6th grade health class are a bit more mature. She asked me to be taken out so she didn’t have to sit there with BOYS and listen to embarrassing lectures so she had to listen to embarrassing lectures at home.

5. She isn’t into boys, Justin Bieber or The Jonas Brothers yet. Thank you, LORD.

2014: Still isn’t, thank you LORD

6. She IS into Star Wars. That’s how she told me she’ll decide on who to marry – Star Wars knowledge.

2014: I don’t know if it’s how she’ll determine a husband, but still just as interested. She got a Star Wars alarm clock for her birthday because we’ve been hearing about it for months.

7. She knows the books of the Old Testament. She’s learning the New.

2014: She’s probably forgotten them all by now, but she enjoys going to youth group.

8. Her goal for 2011 is to try new foods. Last week she tried a corn dog.

2014: Still her goal. She said in February she wants to try a hamburger and eating at Red Lobster because the commercials look good.

9. I have the most beautiful, awesome child in the world. And I know it. Thank you AGAIN, Lord.

2014: Well, YEAH!

A few more since she’s 12:

10. She still loves her BFF, Jemi. The same friend she’s had since she was 3 years old.

11. Her favorite subject in school is Social Studies/History by a MILE.

12. She has a wonderful, sweet heart for little children and enjoys spending time with her younger cousins whenever possible.

Did I mention I have the most beautiful, awesome child in the world? Well, it bears repeating.

Well, that stunk.

I hear the Super Bowl was kinda one-sided. I wouldn’t really know since I watched the opening snap and decided  I should get a drink and watch Netflix instead.

Last week, I showed Moon a video of her from a couple of years ago. In it, she’s singing and being super adorable, but as soon as she watched it, she jumped on the bed, dug under the covers and said she was entering her “tunnel of humiliation.” Who thinks Peyton’s in his hotel room doing the same?

Even though I wasn’t watching the game, I kept getting texts and messages from people commiserating with me, or making fun, depending on their fandom. I was disappointed in the loss, OBVIOUSLY, but then I googled Peyton Manning + earnings and found that he made THIRTY-ONE MILLION dollars in 2013, so I figured he’d be okay.

Cheer up, Peyton. That’s a pretty big light at the end of the tunnel of humiliation.