It’s Curtains

No, the room is not done. Hopefully, the border will come today, JD will finish his part of the armoire, and we’ll put out the rug, decorative items, and the new curtains I bought today. I hadn’t PLANNED on buying new curtains, I was just going to use the pink sheers I’d found in the basement. But JD doesn’t want our daughter to have sheers for some reason. Hello, can’t she dress in the bathroom?

So I bought these from Target:

I know, they’re not beautiful, but they are cheap practical. They claim to keep out 90% of the light, which makes them energy efficient, too. The reviews online say “not so much”, but we’ll see. Did I mention they were cheap practical?

ABC’s of painting a chair

We put a new desk in the MoonPie’s room but since A) she needed a chair, and B) I was tired of spending money, I grabbed something from the basement.

Because it’s wood, I figured that I would A) use the half can of Kilz I found on the garage shelf,

then B) paint it with the rose colored can I ALSO found on the shelf,

which is when I realized C) the half can of Kilz was not enough and D) it doesn’t matter anyway because the color appears nowhere else in MoonPie’s room.

So. I went to WalMart and bought new brushes and dug out the can of light pink paint I had on the garage shelf. BTW, I rarely clean off my garage shelf.

I was all geared up to paint it when I realized that A) the MoonPie should do SOMETHING and B) I was tired of painting.

That’s better. Friends, coming together to create something beautiful useful, and making memories at the same time.

Who cares if A) the chair looks like Pepto-Bismol was spilled all over it or..

B) it’s not perfect. The point is THEY did it and that’s all that is important. They did it. And I got 2 hours of air conditioning. And there’s a yard sale every weekend. C) I’m sure I can find another chair soon.


The armoire has been painted, knobs and fabric have been purchased, and I’m just waiting on the hubby to put it all together. The colors of the room are green, pink, black and white. What can I tell you? It’s what we have.

This is the border for her room. If you look closely, there’s a little bit of pink on the top and bottom. I got it at an ebay store called Beyond Bedding.

Here’s the comforter I purchased from WalMart:

It’s REVERSIBLE, so the other side actually matches the border, white with black design. I also purchased pink sheets and a bed skirt. We found a few pink accent pieces so hopefully it will all tie in nicely.

I think the MoonPie will like it and because everything I’ve purchased has been in the 29.99 – 39.99 range, I’ve fooled myself into thinking we’ll have food money next month. Good news all around.

Rush Exclusive

I haven’t listened to talk radio in awhile, but as I was out running errands, I caught a bit of Rush Limbaugh. It was his first day back at the microphone after his wedding and he told the story of how he got Elton John to play at his wedding reception. What was interesting is that he said his bride, Kathryn Rogers, actually sealed the deal. They were staying at the same hotel in Hawaii as Elton, and she wrote him a note.

Being a world-renowned blogger, I have obtained a COPY of that note, the only version known to exist. It’s a Rush Limbaugh exclusive!

Sweet and to the point, but girlfriend needs to work on her penmanship.


Since the MoonPie is having horseback riding camp this week, I thought it would be a good time to revamp her room. Before we brought her home from the hospital, we spent a great deal of time decorating it. It has declined steadily ever since.

One of the most time consuming aspects of her room was the hand-painted border.

Yes, I hand-painted the thing. First I sponge-painted the pink background, then I painted the flowers, THEN I painted a gold border at the top and bottom. And it’s the one thing she insisted be changed. We’re surprising her with a very cool border that should be here in a day or two.

Her first room had a crib, then she upgraded to a full, and a couple of months ago she asked if she could switch beds with the spare bedroom. It’s a queen, pillow-top and hers had been mine as a teen, thus 142 years old, so we said okay. But we don’t have any cute queen size comforters and the bed is in the WRONG place. Ugg. We’ve ordered her a new comforter set and we’re moving things around. She has no idea, and she doesn’t read this blog, so hopefully she’ll be surprised.

The desk doesn’t match so it’s being replaced and the dresser is getting a fresh coat of paint. I’m also throwing away all of the junk and taking bags to Goodwill.

Today we moved all of the furniture and repainted the walls. She wanted to keep the green, so it wasn’t a big deal. The pink is where we filled in the nail holes. When it’s dry, it turns white. Clever!


Yeah, baby! Prepare to be amazed. Hopefully in a good way.

*How I spend my time.

1. Taking the MP on play dates.

Okay, this was actually taken LAST year. I’ve included it for reference. Remember when MP had short hair? Remember when we had a blue pool? Good times.

Now we hang out at Jeanette’s house. Hey, she has a pool and we’re hot, so move on over.

2. Taking the dogs to the vet.

Both dogs needed ALL of their shots, heart worm medicine and their flea/tick drops. Freeda also needed a haircut and her second cosmetic surgery in a year. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. In 2012, I’m voting for the Universal Health Care for Dogs party.

3. Taking MP to horseback riding.

Foxberry Farms is the only place I go that I don’t take a computer. It’s very relaxing. Except for the part where it’s NERVE WRACKING as I watch my beloved daughter jump, canter and basically live dangerously for an hour.

4. Taking MP on more play dates.

Carolyn invited us over to HER pool. Since it was NOT green, and contained no tadpoles, we said yes. Plus MP LOVES her boys. She never fails to come home asking for a little brother.

5. Taking photos of friends

My friends, Patty Conley and Katie Yarbrough, held a book signing for their new book, “She Came from Alabama.” It’s a great book, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it!

5. Taking pictures of me and the hubby.

JD and I went to a wedding this weekend. See the picture? PROOF, we were there! Looking at this photo is tough. I knew that I wasn’t looking my best, but what is up with this? My hair is laying flat on my head, my nose is an ARROW pointing to where I have no upper lip, and my bra is showing! My husband looks all handsome and wrinkle free. Life is not fair.

There you have it, a peek into world of LT. Who knows what this week will entail? I only hope my heart can take all of the excitement.

*When I’m not working, which I am, most of the time. Like, non-stop.

Shopping with the MoonPie

Outfit 1

Me: You have to be honest with me. When I try on something, give me a 1 for awful and a 10 for great.

MP: Okay. ONE!

Me: I haven’t even tried it on yet. This is my underwear.

MP: Well you don’t want to go out in THAT.

Outfit 2

Me: Well?

MP: It makes you look HUGE in the rear.


MP: It makes you look skinny in the rear?

Sigh. The diet finally begins. REALLY.

Doggie Driving

Come on, Lucy. Try riding with us. You’ll LOVE it.

See? Don’t you just love the feel of the wind on your face?

What? You need out for a second to sniff a tree? Okay, just for a sec.

Hey, where are you going?

Lucy?  Hmmm. Guess she spotted a deer.