Historical Significance

I’m watching the sunrise over Zollicoffer, a real place even IF we no longer have a historical marker to prove it. During the War between the States, General Felix Zollicoffer made camp in this area, hence the name.


He was one of the first Generals killed in the war, when he mistook Union soldiers for his own.   Zollicoffer, current population approximately 22, is where Zolligirl lived as a lovely and precocious child.

To recap- Civil War, dude camped-out, died goofily, I started a blog! I think we all know which is the most significant.

Isn’t history fun?

Praise the LORD


I found it! Hidden amongst the 28000 files the recovery program found – my revisions of the last 9 months! I prayed over this computer, I LAY HANDS on this computer, I BEGGED the Lord for my files. Then I gave up. OH, Lisa of little faith!

WHOO HOO. Rock on, Jesus!

So, do it!

Do you have a dream? Is there something you’ve always wanted to accomplish or try? Mine has always been to write. When I told JD that God must want me to FORGET about writing, that He HATED my book, and it was just a big spiritual REJECTION letter, otherwise WHY wouldn’t He let the recovery program I installed find my word document instead of  a bunch of crappy emails to nobody about nothing, he said, “MAYBE He wants you to treat it seriously.” Geez. A strongly worded scripture would have been a nice alternative.


This chick lives at Winnwood. She’s over 80. What’s your excuse? Don’t make God smack you around.

Fire! Fire!


The summer I turned 16, our house caught on fire. We were camping at the lake at the time, but my dad was going into town to work every day. I remember sitting and giggling at the campsite, when my mother and aunt came running. We drove to town just in time to see the smoldering mess. My dad had been close by and was able to get a few, VERY few, things out including some family photo albums.

Even though it was a horrible event, there were two distinctly positive results. One, I’d been out the night before and uh…well..gotten a little tipsy. My mother had driven around the campsite until she found me sleeping it off in my boyfriend’s truck. I fell asleep to the sound of her yelling. Normally I would have been grounded till I died, but watching your house burn to the ground puts a mother’s mind onto other things. Yea, me!

The second was that lots of townspeople banded together and brought us stuff. Clothes, blankets, pots and pans, etc. I remember my mother looking like she’d rather be eating paint, but I just thought, “Cool, this is WAY better than the clothes I had before.” I was a very deep and thoughtful teenager.

Well,  I’ve had my own fire. The virus haven I call a computer was reformatted yesterday, and I promptly downloaded all my backup files. Only they weren’t there. Somehow, I’d put them in a place that the backup program couldn’t see. So all of my work files are GONE. My pictures, my designs, my ads over the last 9 months…up in smoke. And that book – the one I’ve been writing and revising and tweaking for years….well the last 9 months of it are no more.

I’ve pleaded, prayed, and puked to no avail. It’s as devastating as it gets, not including you know, real stuff like sickness and death.  What can you do, but get through it? I guess I’ll do  what my mother did. Cry a little, be glad for what’s left, hug my family.  AND save for a MAC!

Ah Choo!


Today has been FUN! My computer caught a cold – some stinkin’ Chinese virus that caused it to crash every time I got on the Internet. I’m sure this is what the hacker had in mind – causing home-school mom’s to lose half a day reformatting their computers. The good news – I backed up everything to Carbonite so all my files are safe. All those lovely pictures of my family, doing silly things and wearing goofy clothes will be back on my computer by morning. And even if they’re not, I have a camera and a weekend in Tennessee coming up. We’re a pretty consistent group.



Well, there you have it. 2 days and 1 messy kitchen later – one Easter chick. Seriously. This is it. The only one that was even close.

Moron Test Grade – F or 2, whatever my grading scale is.  This recipe/project/craft/satanic experiment is impossible.

The worst thing is that you start to THINK that you can actually do it. Make a cake from a box, check. Rip it up and mix with a can of icing, check. Make into a bunch of balls causing your husband to remark, “no two of these are anywhere close to being the same size or shape”, check. Put on a stick and dip into melted candy…uh, hmmm. See the candy is heavy, which causes the cake balls to fall apart, slide down the stick, bounce across the floor and be eaten by the dogs. It CANNOT be done.

In the end, I rolled them around in the candy mixture and called it a day. And even then they were completly ordinary in every way. I’d been so much better off just icing the darn cake.


Bakerella is from the devil.


Moron test kitchen motto – If I can do it, YOU can do it. If I can’t do it, you can probably STILL do it.  I’m going to run to the store on Thursday and buy the ingredients to make these.


These are from Bakerella and they have haunted me for two weeks. So tomorrow I’m heading to Michael’s to find yellow melting candy, sticks, and a block of foam. I feel sure they’ll look pretty close to hers. Do I need to remind you of my science beaker cake??


You should place your order now.

Teach your children…



While Rachel was wasting time on the beach looking for shells, I was winning 2.11 points! Bridge Camp is in July, so hopefully she’ll have her priorities straight next time. Geesh.

No way.

This cannot be my daughter. This is some teenager that has stolen my daughter’s identity. This chick has got to be fifteen, easy.


I think I’m glad she found the scissors.

* I’ll be traveling tomorrow and might not have time to blog. If you’d like to help, please send goofy pictures of yourself, preferably doing something illegal. Thanks. LT