Television vs. Real Life

I’m watching the first thirty minutes of Scandal because last Thursday when it was actually ON, I was watching Project Runway. I hate it when all my shows collide. Anyway, Olivia finds out that her mild-mannered father is actually running a CIA-type of covert government agency and NOT selling antiquities as previously thought. Yeah, that could happen. Maybe MY dad is doing the same – maybe Jackie isn’t taking a load to Winder, but is instead holding a sniper rifle in Syria, and instead of meeting with “clients” to build a “retaining wall”, he’s meeting with CLIENTS to build a “thing that goes BOOM”.

But I am also watching Nashville and the young girl finds out that her mom dated a country music playing, guitar toting cutie named Deacon and that her father is not her father, but Deacon is. So maybe my dad isn’t CIA, but is a country music star, like Kris Kristofferson! You know, I used to talk about running to Nashville and finding Kris, and my mother always discouraged me. Now I know WHY.

But if my dad is not really who he says HE is, what about my mom? I was watching Once Upon A Time and Henry found out his mom is ACTUALLY a evil queen from the enchanted forest who’s made everyone in the town forget who they really are, like Snow White and Jiminy Cricket.

I’ve always secretly believed I was actually a princess. Cinderella would make a lot of sense. Tania-the-mad fits as the mean step-sister anyway.

2 thoughts on “Television vs. Real Life

  1. The Gypsies left you at our house, they may have stolen you from a princess. Tania and James tried hard to find you a new home but I wanted to keep you.

  2. The first part of M statement is true, but the evil step-sister wanted no part of you. Send her back!!!!

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