Hello Again

I know, it’s been a LONG time. So much for my blogging with any kind of consistency. I blame my mother. She and the aunts and Cousin Karen spent the weekend with me and they don’t leave time for anything other than yard sales. While I was busy with work on Thursday, they hit an […]

Entertaining The Masses

I’m amazed at how many people were SURPRISED that my guests had a good time this weekend. Hello? They were at MY house. KarenK and Gingerbread showed up at midnight on Saturday with 16 year old CodeY in tow. Most of my guests tend to get here before daybreak, but whatever floats your boat. Gingerbread […]


Nothing says success like taking a vacation to your own lovely living room, amiright? Of course, I’m only taking a vacation from ONE of my jobs. That leaves 2 others and a volunteer gig to keep me occupied in case I was worried about getting bored. I took the time off so that I could […]

Looking Forward to Monday

Wow. I’ve been on the road and out of town for about a week and a half and I never thought I’d say this but, I’m ready for a work day. After Bridge Camp on the Island, I came home, spent a quick day enjoying the 4th, then hit the road again with AmmoGuy. Here’s […]

Bargain Hunting

Kittens, I am full. I just made JD go to Subway and buy me a FOOT LONG sandwich and then I ate it like he might change his mind at any moment and take it away from me. It’s been a rough day. My partner and I played tennis, and it was a PLAYOFF, and […]


I’m watching American Idol and since I have the voice of an angel, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on each contestant. 1. Naima. What’s the tune got to do with it, got to do with it? I was working at Mainstreet, wearing little black boots and pretending to be Madonna in 1984. Good times. […]

That’s a Wrap

I had planned on doing nothing Friday, not even showering, but my mom gave me a gift certificate to the nail salon, so I thought “Why not?” Because Cousin Karen had also gifted MP with one, I took her along. I’m nice like that. MP went with the neon purple, while I got the traditional […]


Today  I changed sheets, mopped the floors, took a lint brush to my carpet and cleaned my toilet. You know you’re in trouble when cleaning your toilet is not the worst part of your day. It’s all in preparation for the Family Onslaught. Mom, Granny, The Aunt’s and Cousin Karen will be here before lunch […]

Birthday Intervention

TGIF! I’m trying to work up the proper amount of enthusiasm a weekend should inspire, but frankly, tomorrow begins a busy week for me. Work? Nah. Writing? Not so much. Cleaning? You’re obviously at the wrong blog. No, this is the Nine Year Old Birthday Bonanza Week. MoonPie’s best-friend, Jemi, was born today, four days […]