My Very Special Day

So, yesterday was my birthday and I’m not going to lie – it was pretty dang special. First of all, I slept until almost 8 o’clock. When I finally did roll out of bed, JD was waiting with a cup of coffee. While I surfed the internet, he got Moon’s lunch together, then took her to school so I could finish watching Pride and Prejudice. Best. Morning. Ever.

I did have to do some work, but I refused to shower, and worked at my desk in my pajamas. I took a long break at noon since JD made me a yummy lunch, then I worked another two hours, but lightly so as not to ruin the laid-back vibe I was cultivating.

JD went to get Moon and she and I spent a few minutes playing Barbies, then JD took her to tutoring. I plopped on the couch, watched a little Twilight vampire love, surfed the internet some more, and drank an American classic that was very popular the year I was born called The Screwdriver. I took phone calls, “liked” all the Facebook birthday wishes, and generally just lazed about eating potato-chips, ice-cream and anything else that crossed my path.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful-kind of day.

And exactly like every other day, but with more Facebook alerts.

I Want To Go Home Again

I want to move back. I want to wake up in the morning to this view:

I want to walk over to my mom’s house and eat biscuits with chocolate gravy for breakfast, and my dad’s sliced potatoes with mushroom soup. I want to have coffee with my family and watch the sun come up and listen to the dogs chase each other off the porch.

I want to meet my friend Gina for lunch and laugh about something silly we did thirty years ago and take a long drive down to Dale Hollow Lake just because. I want to visit with Penny at the cabin her husband built and tease her son until he turns red and walk around their property admiring the roses she transplanted from her grandmother’s house.

I want to go home again and take JD and Moon so they can experience Sunday dinners at Aunt Fay’s house. I want to sit in a lawn chair in the back yard with my cousin Ginger and talk about all the trouble we might get into while my parent’s shake their heads like they don’t know what they’re going to do with us.  I want to listen to Brian and Ralph and Pa Lewis play music, while JD and I watch Moon playing in the yard with her cousins. I want the young ones to tease us about the trouble they’re going to get into while the rest of us shake our heads and wonder what we’re going to do with them.

I want to go out with my husband and listen to Ken and Steve and David and Mike play at ear splitting decibles, and drink a beer out of a red, Solo cup and I want the band to quit at 11:30 so we can all go home and be in bed by midnight while pretending its because they quit instead of because we’re old and sleepy.

I want to get together with all of my old classmates at least once a year and remember all of the fun times we’ve shared and all of the good friends we’ve lost and appreciate each other in ways that we couldn’t back when we were teenagers. I want to get to know their spouses and hear about their children, and hug them when they’re blue and pray with them when their kids are hurt and generally just hang out.


But since  I can’t go home, at least for now, I want to remember every day how incredibly blessed I’ve been and how blessed I AM to have so many awesome people in my life.

That, I can totally do.

Shopping Discounts

Kittens, this weekend I’m heading to Zollicoffer for my THIRTIETH class reunion. Seriously, I am old. I’m going to meet my cousin tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to a girls’ only event at the lake where I’ll eat at the buffet, hug a lot of people,  and test the limits of my new Spanx. Then on Saturday, JD will accompany me to the soirre and if the 20th reunion is any indication, introduce himself to everyone there as my trophy husband. After all of THAT fun, some dudes are having a little musical throwdown, so I’m planning on partying the night away, as long as the night ends before 11 p.m.

I know what you’re thinking – what am I wearing?   For the girls night out, I’m going with Capri jeans and a print top. Saturday night, I’m wearing new jeans and a sparkly top, and for the after-party – a vintage, 1983 Loverboy t-shirt. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll wear the purple top with a sweater that I purchased at Ann Taylor Loft, OR the coral top, or maybe a black skirt because everyone at the 10th wore dresses, or maybe I’ll stick with the jeans because I don’t want anyone to think I’m stuck up! I can’t really decide, but the good news is my mom will be there and I’m pretty sure she’ll have an opinion. Also, jewelry.

I did my shopping at the new outlet mall near my house and it was a lot of fun, if you find looking at your misshapen body under fluorescent lights fun. I brought it all home and tried it on for JD. He liked everything, but the last one, a pair of jeans and a black top was the one he liked best. The fact that the jeans and top have been in my closet for about 8 years and were the clothes I put on when I had FINISHED trying on clothes made it all that more special. Trophy spouses are not known for their smarts.

The Tyre’s aren’t great at shopping. Moon decided tonight that she just HAD to go to Michael’s and buy some duct tape. She had $15.00 and some change burning a hole in her pocket so I agreed to take her with the stipulation that I didn’t have my bank card with me so she’d have to stick to her budget. She agreed which is how we ended up at the counter with her counting out pennies to scrape together the $17.98 she needed. After the first 100 pennies, the cashier grabbed a 40% coupon out of the register and pronounced the bill paid in full.

I should have tried that at Ann Taylor.


Kittens, I have not felt like doing ANYTHING in the past few days. Okay, that’s my usual state of being, but this week it’s been even worse. I haven’t felt like reading or watching television, or even surfing the internet. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

The culprit is a crushing headache I’ve had since Monday. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I’ve narrowed it down to A) sleeping on my mom’s pillows which are the approximate shape of beach balls, B) driving home instead of sleeping prone in the passenger seat like I normally do, or C) the lack of caffeine I’ve endured since Monday.

Whatever it is – my back is KILLING me. I was thinking this morning about all my pains and sorrows and I was reminded of a conversation my mother and I had this weekend. As you may know, my grandmother turned 100 this past weekend.

That’s her in the middle of all her beautiful grandchildren. And AmmoGuy.

There was a bunch of people there and lots of food – everything was great except that it was 117 degrees. Everyone was wilted and sweaty by the end of the day – everyone but Granny. She sat quietly, enjoying the attention and as my mother said, “never complained, not once. In fact, Granny NEVER complains.” Obviously I take after the other side of the family.

Family came from all over the US to be with Granny on her special day. It was awesome to connect with everyone, catch up on each others lives, and just hang out together with all of the fun relatives.

And AmmoGuy.