Stuff I Done Did

First of all, before I begin to list all of the exciting things I’ve done over the past few days, let’s all take a moment and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tania-the-Mad.

It’s safe to say that Tania was a lot of things in Alaska, but LOST was not one of them. People on cruise ships could see her! Happy Birthday, Sister. I hope your day is as bright as your clothing!

Where was I? Friday I had a meeting with my writing friends while JD drove to Indiana and back. He could have flown but someone had used all the frequent-flier miles. Whoopsie. I picked Moon up from school and she informed me that she’d been invited over to her BFF from school’s house. There is no saying NO to her BFF from school’s house. I can’t compete with a pool and a playhouse and a neighborhood full of fun kids playing something called “War”.  The afternoon fun turned into overnight fun so I had the house to myself. What to do? I know, BRIDGE.

Kittens, I’ve discovered bridge online. Oh sure, anyone can play bridge online, but did you know you can play actual tournaments with ROBOTS for only a dollar a game? I KNOW. If you win, you get real ACBL points! I’m proud to say that I am .39 points richer, or $20.00 poorer, depending on how you look at it. I choose the former, obviously.

Saturday I picked up Moon from her friends house, sent her to her room to clean, woke her up three hours later, and sent her to clean again. It’s a little something I like to call “our weekend”. After she’d assured me all was well, we invited her BFF-not-in-school over for an afternoon of 4-wheeling. Basically they rode circles around the yard at a top speed of 5 mph, but it kept them busy and allowed me to yell at my robot partners for a few more hours.

This was also the first day of JD and Lisa’s Reboot! Yes, I decided last week that we should do another juice fast, this time for THIRTY days, and all juice, no food! That lasted until about noon, when I decided that we should do juice and RAW food, I mean, hello? Then at dinner, I decided that raw was a bit too restrictive and we’d just narrow it down to juice, raw, and cooked food. All of this to say, it’s going really well.

Sunday morning was Mother’s Day so I woke up to a lovely glass of carrot juice. Yum. Ola. Then we went to church, and Costco where I got to not eat any of the free samples. But Mother’s Day is not about what you eat. It’s about what you GET. And I got a juicer.

Or as I like to call it, Tania-the-Mad’s belated birthday gift.

Watching For Things of Beauty

Juneau has a lot of things to do if you’re into walking uphill, which you should know I’m NOT. So forced to decide between something called “hiking” and riding on a boat, I signed up for whale watching.

It seemed like a good sign that my Star Wars loving kid was about to embark on a whale adventure on a boat called OB 1. Captain Colin met us at the marina and we were off!

We were able to stay warm and dry on the boat while Moon kept watch for marine life.

Good job, Moon!

The whale swam around us, diving and resurfacing for about 30 minutes. He also did very slow dives as if he knew we were taking photos. Which didn’t help since none of us could accurately master the dive-to-camera-lag ratio. This is the best shot I got. Only my deep spiritual gift of self-control kept me from throwing the camera in the deep blue sea!

Captain Colin called our attention to a buoy up ahead…

Sea Lions basking in the sun clouds. Not as exciting as seeing one eaten by a shark, but okay.

Moon loved riding the boat and only once did she complain of feeling nauseous. Considering she’d had two pieces of fried chicken, potato wedges and a bag of sour patch candy before we’d left the harbor, I think she did well.

It was one of my favorite days in Alaska. Captain Colin was an EXCELLENT captain. I base this on my thorough knowledge of boating, the fact that we didn’t capsize even once, and because he was super cute.

Mainly that last one.

Alaskan MoonPie

Yes, I went to Alaska, (State Motto: Fixing Your Hair is Futile) and I can tell you one thing – I no longer think being Governor of Alaska qualifies you for President. I think LIVING in Alaska qualifies you for President. I feel like I should have a parade or something just for making it back alive!

I had a lot of fun and took loads of photos, but I’m going to break these up in as many posts as I can. I’ve got to catch up on some sleep! Besides, the greatest joy of the trip for me was watching MoonPie. Here’s a few shots from our day at the Mendenhall Glacier.

Moon finds ice floating down the river.

Moon finds a bigger piece of ice floating down the river. It’s a glacier, what do you expect? Yes, Alaska has driven my niece crazy and she thinks what she’s wearing is appropriate winter attire.

Alaska Ashleigh takes Moon dangerously close to the waterfall.

Alaska Ashleigh convinces Moon that touching the waterfall is a good idea.

MoonPie loving on her mother. Or warming her cold hands inside her mother’s coat. Whichever.

We walked from the parking lot to the glacier and waterfall in the pouring rain. It wasn’t that far, but afterward, we were all strutting like we’d really done something BIG. We walked. In ALASKA. Everyone, that is, except my mom who waited it all out in the parking lot.

Some people just don’t have that pioneering spirit. She’ll never be President with that attitude.

5 Bits of Randomness

1. Moonpie and I are leaving Thursday for ALASKA. We’re headed to Juneau to see Alaska Ashleigh and the gang – 10+ hours of travel with a 10 year old. I’m pretty sure my adventures with Mantamy prepared me for whatever comes my way.

2. Here’s a tip in case you’re a Vietnamese hair-removal specialist. Keep the talking to a minimum.  Stay away from comments like “It’s been a while huh?, Whew, that looks MUCH better!, and Do you want your lip done, too?”

3. I played bridge last night and Patty and I came in 2nd! Whoo hoo. Vicky, playing with a handsome stranger, came in FIRST. That’s a double whammy, so I’m guessing she’ll never play with us again. I was a little depressed when I saw a friend’s name on the wall. Last year we played together at the Non-Life Master tournament (under 300 points)  and won, but now she’s ineligible. She’s a LIFE MASTER. Two years ago, Dan O. played his last NLM. So this August should be MY last NLM tournament. Only 244 points to go! It could happen.

4. I watched the awesome Baby Alison today. JD took some cute pictures which you can’t see because we are   MUCH too busy watching Revenge to get them posted. If you watch Revenge, you know what I mean!

5. Nothing says healthy glow quite like this: