Coupons Version 2.0

I’ve decided to give cutting coupons another go. Sure it’s mostly processed corn syrup, but it’s CHEAP processed corn syrup. Previously I used a great system which you can read HERE, but I’m a busy person so this time I’m going with something a little different.

Buy the papers. Pull out the entire coupon booklet. Put them in a manila envelope. Write the date on the outside.

This won’t work as well because I’ll have to go through each booklet and cut the coupons individually. Collating them allows you to cut all of them at once. Still, I think I’ll come closer to ACTUALLY doing it this way.

So far they are just laying in a big, messy pile on the table, but a girl can dream.

And for those of you who don’t buy papers, or live near a Publix, here’s one for you. Provided you have a cat. Otherwise, this whole post was pretty much useless. Or as we call it around here, the “usual”.


The other morning, as I was combing out MoonPie’s hair and listening to the usual complaints of hair pulling and the unnecessary use of barrettes, I asked myself a simple question.


Why was I spending hours of my time combing and fixing my daughter’s hair when she obviously didn’t care a whit? Seriously, if it were left up to her, she’d have dreadlocks within the month. On days that I have to go to church early, I quake with fear that JD will just let her go “as is”. Be reminded, he has no hair, so taking extreme measures such as “shampooing” and “combing” are foreign concepts.

Sure MoonPie’s long hair is glorious when washed, combed and styled with any degree of purpose, but that only happens every other never. Can you guess where this is leading?




She said on a scale from 1 to 10, it was a “TEN”.  From the side –

Ready for church –

The girl is SASSY. She got approximately 47 compliments at church today and, like adults when they’ve gotten a cute new ‘do, she’s strutting around the house like a super model. Suddenly she’s all ADULT, and is helping with the dogs, getting her own food, asking if she can HELP. Perhaps I should have done this sooner. She’s happy, I’m happy and I KNOW my mother’s happy.

This is for all of you mothers who keep telling your children to “cut my grandchild’s hair!” Enjoy this small victory. I know that they are few and far between.

Holy Sunday

Last Sunday I tried something new. I decided to take the whole Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy seriously. (Why I only capitalize parts of that sentence escapes me for now.) I did the part about not working okay, although it was harder than I thought it would be, but I’m not sure watching six hours of television and playing nineteen rounds of UNO counts as “Keeping it Holy.”

I’ve picked up the house and work is on hold, so I’m hoping that I’ll do better this Sunday. I spend a lot of my life hoping I’ll do better.

I hope you do better, too.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Assignment – Life

First of all, about yesterday. My initial idea was that instead of waiting until bedtime to write this blog, I’d do several small posts – all fashion related – throughout the day. Sorry Kittens, fashion commentary is not my gift. I only know a few things, like that most everything looks good on you when you’re thin. And I’m not thin.

So now I’ll move into a realm where I’m more comfortable – finding things for OTHER people to do. I woke up at 5 a.m. with a brilliant thought. I knew RimFire was coming over today, and that she and MP had already played every game in the house, exhausted the Ken/Barbie possibilities, watched TV, gone skating, worked the Wii, and played in the snow. What could I find to interest them? Then it hit me – Jay Dee.

So I gave the three of them a photo assignment, handed each a camera and sent them outside. I wanted photos that said “Life”. That’s it – their interpretation, but it had to say LIFE. Off they went with the dogs trailing behind them.

About an hour later, Gitzo turned up at the front door holding a LEG BONE. A large, deer like leg bone!

Since it was not a photograph, and did not say LIFE, she was automatically disqualified.  This was the point when I began to wonder just where JD had taken the girls. Finally, they came home. excited about their finds and ready to download them to the computer. I was kept away from seeing WHO did WHAT, so I could make unbiased decisions about my favorites.

For your review, I present “Life” –

Personally, I think they all did AWESOME. And I’m not just saying that because I had a quiet hour to myself. The girls really seemed to enjoy it, and surprisingly, so did JD. I think this should be a recurring theme on Zolligirl. More free time for me, more art expression for them. Win-Win for everyone, even Gitzo!

Snow Fever

Day One:

9 a.m. – We’re excited about the snow. Plans include eating snow cream, sitting on the couch, and cartoons.

9:30 a.m. – MoonPie wants to play Barbies. I guess I can take a break from doing nothing.

11:00 am. – We’ve eaten everything in the house. Must send JD out for food.

1:00 p.m. – MoonPie is sledding. At last a moment to work.

1:10 p.m. – MoonPie is frozen and about to die. Her feet are falling off and she might not make it.

2:00 p.m. – Barbies? Again? Well, okay.

6:00 p.m. – Is it time for bed yet? Check the clock again.

9:00 p.m. – Barbies one more time before bed?  I. Cant. Wait.

Day Two –

9:00 a.m. – No, I can’t play Barbies. It’s against the law to play Barbies before consuming coffee.

10:00 a.m. – Send emergency beacon to friend. Assure her the roads are perfectly FINE.

10:30 a.m. – Send JD out for MoonPie’s friend. He will be fine. Just get her and get back SOON.

1:00 p.m. Children complain it’s cold outside. Children complain my hot chocolate is bad. Children complain my TV show is not what they want to watch. I’m not playing Barbies. It’s heaven.

5:30 p.m. JD says he must take friend home before dark. Send MoonPie too. They’ll be fine. The roads are almost passable.

8:30 p.m. Play Barbies again. Realize they are trying to kill me. Remove their heads from their bodies to prevent their snide comments. They are still LOOKING at me.

Day Three

7:00 a.m. – Have JD call my brother. Surely his child can come and play. For all that is HOLY, I can’t play Barbies again.

3:00 p.m. See the news that school is out again tomorrow.

3:01 p.m. Send email explaining that RimFire is BEGGING and CRYING to spend the night.

3:09 p.m. Receive email saying RimFire can stay.

4:00 p.m. Tell RimFire the roads are impassable and she must spend the night.

9:00 p.m. Go to bed. Realize you don’t feel guilty at all. It was not your fault anyway.

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Okay everyone, time to get in line and on the scale! Uh, you go first. Okay, fine, I have lost 1 pound this week. ONE pound. But I’m not discouraged because I KNOW Weight Watchers works. It was only the first week and it takes a while to remember what you can eat, to get the good food IN the house and the bad food OUT of the house, to not ruin your point count for the day with one really yummy meal that your husband cooked for you.

Here’s what I had today:

Breakfast: 1/4 Southwestern Eggbeaters (1 pt) , 1/2 cup of Black-eyed peas (2 pt). Yes, black-eyed peas for breakfast. Sigh.

Lunch: 2 pieces of double fiber bread (2 pt), Boca veggie burger with mustard (2 pt). 1 cup light soup (2 pt)

Dinner: Hamburger on 2 pieces of fiber bread( 7)  and 1 cup of  Progresso high  fiber soup (3 pt).

Misc: 1 cup of coffee with splenda, non-dairy creamer( 1), Coke Zero, Chocolate chewy thing. (4)

Grand Total – 24.  Not good. Even though it looks like I came in under my 29 point goal, I probably forgot something. Or I’ll eat again before bed. I started off strong but toward the end of the day, a girl gets hungry! And while that 7 point burger was not a great idea, it was by far the best thing I ate all day.

I know my meals are not very interesting but I have some low point, Weight Watchers recipes I’ll be sharing in the future. I’ve got to find something to eat besides FIBER. Here’s my tip for the week, courtesy of Tania-the-Mad. If your diet consists of a lot of beans, especially CANNED beans, rinse them off first in a strainer. It cuts down on the…well, you know.

My friend J has lost 6.5 pounds this week doing Weight Watchers core, and my sister has lost 4.5 on this diet.  So, how goes it with the rest of you?

Stay encouraged and eat smart!


The snow finally came to Atlanta and dumped almost six inches on us. I was feeling pretty smug about having a freezer full of food until I realized that I was in pain and had four Advil to my name. Why was I in pain? Let’s just say I’ve not been exactly EASY to get along with the last few days. JD wanted to get out anyway, (hmmm, I wonder why) so he walked over to Walmart, bringing back Advil, EggBeaters and a dozen doughnuts. I was feeling smug about how easily we had restocked our cabinets, when I realized I was out of wine! Feeling smug is probably not a good idea for me. It rarely lasts.

MoonP and I dressed and went outside to participate in a little sledding. I caught it on video, but posting it to this blog would entail me getting up off the couch and that’s just too darn much to ask. Hey, this is not the Pioneer Woman blog. Besides, she has four kids to pawn jobs on. I’ve got one child who still asks me to brush her teeth. Which I totally do NOT. Although I’ve been known to put the toothpaste on the brush for her.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Tuesday is another snow day. We may make snow cream – we may not. It depends on whether WalMart has any milk left when JD walks over there. What? He’s got to pickup the wine anyway!


Since Thursday, we’ve been hearing that snow is on the way for today. JD and the MoonPie decided the thought of it was too frightening for them to venture outside, so while I went to church, they huddled around the fireplace in their pajamas. Hello? That’s MY job. Finally, at 8 p.m. the schools announced we’d be closed tomorrow. We haven’t seen the first flurry yet, but that’s beside the point. The point is that about 12 years ago an ice storm came through and took everyone by surprise and we can NEVER let that happen again. The grocery stores still had milk!

AmmoGuy came by to get a 4-wheel drive truck in case the roads are bad. Yes, we have random vehicles stored around the house. He could have also taken an old Cadillac, a tow-truck, and a vintage Econoline Van/Truck if he wanted. Those are just the GOOD ones.

Because my brother had brought his daughter RimFire with him, AND both her and MP’s schools are closed, we invited her to spend the night. My mean brother said NO for some stupid reason, like that he wanted to spend the day with RimFire, blah, blah, BLAH. The girls took a stand and handcuffed themselves to a piece of furniture. Unfortunately they weren’t REAL handcuffs and JD was able to separate them. Really, girls. You’re going to have to step it up.

Speaking of the girls, is it really necessary for me to use these stupid names for people? RimFire, MoonPie, AmmoGuy, JD? Can’t I just call them by their real names, Cheryl, Louise, Hot Meat and Johnnie Depp?  Seriously, it’s getting hard to remember who’s who.


My home is like the Lindsay Lohan of houses – out of control, in denial, and always claiming that “for real, THIS is the week I’ll get clean and stay clean!”

I did manage to get the Christmas tree and decorations down and put away. The Halloween pumpkin, however, is still on the porch. I keep thinking about moving it to the trash, but then something more important happens, as in ANYTHING, and I forget about it. I also manage to forget about the laundry, cooking, and basic hygiene.

Today we somehow overslept and when I rolled over, realized we had exactly 11 minutes to get out of the house if the MP was going to make it to school without another tardy. Somehow we managed. And by “somehow”, I mean I dressed MP while she was still asleep, and sent her out the door with a mental-patient hairdo, holding a bag of Entenmanns mini-muffins. She made it with seconds to spare. And that’s all that really matters, right?

Tomorrow we’re going to cram a bunch of stuff into one day because a WINTRY-MIX is coming and we must be home and in front of the fire by Sunday. I’m hoping it renders us home-bound for a least a week, no school, no leaving, no personal contact with the outside world. I’m sure THEN I’ll get the house clean. Snow is like rehab for houses, only cheaper.