Free Stuff

Because I like free things, and no one else ever sends me mail, I signed up at Vocal Point. I can’t tell you what they do exactly; I just saw FREE and signed up. Today I got this in the mail –

Free CEREAL. Free. For nothing, except signing up on a website. What are the chances they’ve sold my name and address to every sales team in the world? Exactly, TOTALLY worth it.


We are evil parents. A few months ago, we sat our daughter down and told her that we were going to start expecting MORE from her. That’s right, MORE. Like she was going to have to clean her room every now and then. And CHANGE her earrings. AND, AND start riding her bike(s) instead of just looking at them laying in the garage.

I can only hope DFCS doesn’t hear about this.

A Couple of Dolls

Rimfire is having a birthday today and in lieu of a party, she invited the MoonPie on an American Girl adventure.

First, we ordered dinner. The folks at American Girl thought of everything – pink tables, chairs for the dolls, petite menus.

Okay, maybe they were a little TOO petite.

You want an appetizer? Seriously?

No you may NOT have a vodka tonic! Man, where did you even hear about those? Oh. Well the answer is still NO.

Great, I see a bathroom visit in our future.

Awww. That makes it totally worth the $80.00 dollars it cost. Well, to me anyway, since Miss Fire actually paid the bill.

Each girl got to pick out an outfit for her doll…

and then the dolls got their ears pierced and their hair done.

Behold the ponytail flip.


After. MUCH better.

I have to say it was one of the MoonPie’s best days EVER. I told her we will definitely go back.

As soon as one of the grandmothers come to visit.

Happy Birthday, RIMFIRE!

Holy Sunday

This is what I’m reading.

Chan, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, Calif., offers a radical call for evangelicals to consider and emulate in this debut guide to living crazy for God. Chan’s own life compels him to live with urgency, and with good reason. His mother died giving birth to him, his stepmother died when he was nine, and his dad when he was 12. As a pastor, Chan says that conducting weekly funerals for people younger than himself has likewise sobered him to life’s unexpectedness and frailty. Chan writes with infectious exuberance, challenging Christians to take the Bible seriously. He describes at length the sorry state of lukewarm Christians who strive for a life characterized by control, safety and an absence of suffering.

I don’t want to be lukewarm! Can you image what would happen if we all got radical?  Get the book.


Today was the big Spelling Bee at MoonPie’s school. Her BFF, Jemi, was a 1st/2nd grade participant. We went to cheer her to victory.

Relaxing before the first word. Everyone LOOKS calm.

Pssst, turn around. Why are you distracted??

Oh. Well, stop looking at the MoonPie. You need to pay attention so you can WIN!

See? Everyone should listen to me; they’d be a lot happier.

The proud grin of a winner!  Speaking of which –

I think mom was a bit proud.

The MoonPie was proud.

Even the people at Wendy’s were proud.

Whew, I love it when all my hard work pays off.


Photobooks are awesome Christmas gifts. I started doing one of the MoonPie several years ago, and before I knew, even my MOTHER was creating books and handing them out. We all use MyPublisher but I saw on one of the coupon blogs that you can get one from Picaboo.

Via Deal Seeking Mom –

You can receive a FREE Classic Photo Book from Picaboo when you use code AFFLGB through March 31, 2010. The code is good for a 20-page Photo Book up to $39.99. You can additional pages for an extra charge, if desired. You pay only the $8.99 shipping and tax if applicable.

To get your FREE photo book:

  • Go to Picaboo and enter your email address.
  • Download the free software and design a 20-page book.
  • Use code AFFLGB at checkout and pay only $8.99 for shipping!

The download is for a PC, but they have a Mac test version. I’m feeling lucky, so that’s what I tried.

If you’ve never created a photobook you should. Like I said, even my MOTHER…..

How to cook a steak?

Because my husband does 90% of the cooking, I suffer horribly when he’s out of town. To be prepared for the next time he travels, I asked him to cook a couple of steaks so I could photograph the process. He fell for it was happy to oblige.

Start with a couple of cuts of meat. I have no idea what these are, steaks of some sort.

Drizzle them with olive oil.

Spice them and put in a hot, grill pan.

We use fancy spices – The Flavors of France. True story – we bought this tin from a 12 year old boy in the parking lot of WalMart. I wonder how he finds the time to go to France for the spices. Hmmm. Must be homeschooled.

Sear each side.

This step is not usual, but because these were so thick, he thought they’d cook better covered. I should tell you how long this was. I don’t remember.

Wow, don’t those look good? This is the point where you might want to stop reading. My husband has strong opinions about steaks and they way they should be served.